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Welcome to the C.A.R.P.S. Live Action Wiki!

We are a high-fantasy LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) group that is currently based in Southeast Michigan. You may already be familiar with tabletop role-playing games (RPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons or White Wolf products. If you are, the difference between an RPG and a LARP is that RPGs consist of half a dozen or so players sitting around a kitchen table with dice and a single Game Master, whereas a LARP is a cross between an elaborate theater production, live combat, and a hike in the woods. LARPs such as ours have costuming, boffer weapons, and dozens of players whose actions influence not only what you can accomplish but the course of an entire fantasy world.

We currently hold weekend-long events (Friday night through Sunday afternoon) 6-8 times per year at Camp Wathana in Holly Michigan.

For more information about Carps Game and rules information please visit our Facebook or Website.

Notice for Players: Any maps or book entries may NOT be printed, copied or brought into game. To have these items in game you must either purchase copies or use research.

Secondly, information provided is for In Game use, but please keep in mind your characters starting location and what would be reasonable for them to know.

The only pages that are currently approved to be known in game are: Allerian, Avyana, Air Plane, Primal Plane.

This Wiki was created in 2021 by Story GM Marie Dwenger.

If there is information not represented that should be please email the lore team Carps.lore@gmail.com we would be happy to add to this collection of knowledge.

Special Thanks

Marie Dwenger - The one who took the time to collect/write and create this Wiki

Amy Brown - Lead of the Wiki Creation Team /Proof reading/Spellchecking

Nicholas Dwenger - Proof reading/Spellchecking

Brendan Rachels - Teaching me how to use a Wiki

Lore Team - Collecting lost history and world building knowledge.

Past GM's and lore creators - Without you I would never know where to start!

**Note - At the bottom of each completed entry is a special thanks to the original concept writers, if I missed you please just PM me on the facebook carps page.***

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